A Consignment Shop Crash Course

Whether downsizing your own space or moving into another, sometimes the furniture or accessories you have simply won’t fit or won’t work in the new space.  There is a secondary market for finer furniture, home decor, artwork, rugs and even fine jewelry, and buyers are seeking well-made pieces that aren’t as expensive as buying new.  

But don’t confuse consignment with thrift shopping.  Many consignment shops are very savvy to today’s trends, and are particularly diligent  in what they will accept for resale.  

If you’re considering consigning your furniture or household decor  to a consignment shop, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Condition – Consignment shoppers are discriminating buyers, and consignment shop staff know this. 
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A Better Way to Bag

They’re one of the more ubiquitous items in our kitchens, often stuffed into a drawer or basket or shoved hastily under the sink.  They’re plastic grocery bags and in Lake Oswego and other parts of Oregon, they’re facing a hasty demise.

As of July 1, 2019, Lake Oswego has ordered a ban on all plastic carry out bags in retail establishments over 10,000 square feet (think grocery and big box stores), with other establishments following suit  by January 2020, according to Jenny Slepian, Lake Oswego’s Sustainability and Management Analyst.  

Why the bag ban now?  According to the town of Lake Oswego’s official city website, the goal is to change consumers’ behavior. .. Read the rest

Paper, Plastic Or Pads? The Best Wrap For Your Move

When it comes to wrapping your household goods for a move, not all wrapping material is created equal.  When you’ve got a large stack of heirloom china plates before you that need to be safely transported on a moving truck, often the first instinct is to reach for the plastic bubble wrap. Those sheets of air may cushion our breakables well, (and sure are fun to pop later), but professional movers prefer to use sheets of undyed packing paper for smaller breakables, for several reasons.

  •  Efficiency – paper sheets are thin yet durable in a move.  Wrapping each item tightly but separately in two sheets of paper inhibits contact between the items when placed in a box. 
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Summertime… and The Movers Are Busy

Moving trends are fairly static in the warmer months..  According to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), over 40 million people will change residences on average per year, and summer remains the busiest time of year to move, with over 80% of moves taking place between April and September. The reasons for all these moves?  AMSA cites looking for a new and better place to live and to be near family as two of the top reasons that Americans uproot and move on.

While families with children are more likely to move in the summertime because of school breaks and vacation time off, seniors prefer to move in the summer to be settled into place before cold weather hits. .. Read the rest

Keeping Houseplants Happy and Healthy During a Move

Summer time is a wonderful time to appreciate the beauty of our plants, both indoor and outdoor.  But if you’re planning on moving during this time, the prospect of leaving behind those plants you’ve nurtured so well can be like saying goodbye to a cherished friend.

Moving potted plants is possible with some planning and a little effort.  If you are moving yourself or entrusting your household goods to a professional mover, there are a few legal guidelines you must follow if you wish to have your plants move with you.  Most licensed movers will not move your plants on their trucks due to federal and state regulations, so if you want to keep them, you should plan to move them yourself... Read the rest

Do You Need to Hire a Move Manager?

Whether big or small, a move is seldom easy or free from anxiety. The moving process is filled with many tasks and decisions. If you’re relocating to a new place, it is important to know the steps to take that will make your move successful. You might simply need to hire a mover to get your belongings from Point A to B. For larger, more complicated moves, you may need a Move Manager to help you through the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the moving process.

Jennifer Campbell, Operations Manager for The Move Makers, knows all too well what an emotional toll moving can have on people... Read the rest

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter

As Spring moves toward Summer and the outdoors beckon, it’s easy for clutter to get out of control inside our homes. Paper can be a necessary nuisance. It will pile up if you let it. Here are 5 easy strategies to get paper clutter in check and enjoy summertime activities.

#1 – Cancel unwanted catalogs and other types of paper mail

Catalogchoice.org is a free service that will send merchants your opt-out request on your behalf. It’s a non-profit organization on a mission to stop junk mail for good. If want to support their cause, they’ll gladly accept your donation.

#2 – Cancel magazine and paper newsletter subscriptions

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Leftover Building Material: Use Them or Lose Them?

If you’ve ever remodeled your kitchen, painted a room, or tiled a surface, odds are you’ve had extra material hanging around for years. If you feel uncomfortable throwing it in the trash, what do you do with it? Instead of letting it go to waste, give it new life! Here are several ways to re-purpose unused building material in an environmentally-friendly way.

Use Them

There are countless uses for scraps of wood, partial cans of paint and stacks of tile. Get in the creative spirit and build or give new life to something.


  • Raised garden bed
  • Storage unit
  • Bookshelf
  • Birdhouse
  • Picture frame
  • Comfortable fire (untreated wood)


  • Home touch-up
  • Chair, dresser or table
  • Undercoat primer (mix same paint types together)
  • Arts & crafts project


  • Beverage coaster
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Outdoor planter box
  • Home address sign
  • Mosaic (tabletop, counter, garden path stepping stones, etc.)
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Heirloom Jewelry: Keep It or Let It Go?

You’ve decided it’s time to do something with that box of jewelry you inherited. But it’s hard to know which, if any, to keep. It’s helpful to set a timeline to review the jewelry pieces and decide what you want to do with them. Here are three questions that will help move you through the decision-making process:

#1: Does It Have Sentimental Value?

Some pieces can invoke strong emotions while others have a story to tell. Does it fit? Will you wear it? If the answer is ‘yes,’ and an item has special meaning to you personally, keep and enjoy it... Read the rest

The Bedroom: A Safe and Comfortable Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – a place for rest, relaxation and recharging after busy days. Despite the fact we spend one-third of our lives in this room, we often overlook it when thinking about safety and accessibility. For best accessibility, a bedroom should be on the ground floor. Many homes were not built with downstairs bedrooms, so this may not be an option. Stairlifts can be added for accessing bedrooms if necessary or a den or other downstairs room can be converted to a bedroom in a pinch.

Keep the mood restful in the bedroom by choosing soothing colors. Shades of blue, green and lavender are ideal... Read the rest