Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

If you’re gathering with extended family this holiday season, now is the time to take a good look at the entertaining spaces in your home, to organize and clear out the clutter to make way for a fresh start to the holiday season.  Let’s take a look at some of the clutter hotspots in the home.


Pitch the scratched pots and pans –  throw out any scratched non-stick pots and pans, or donate any you’ve not used in a couple of years. Not only are scratched non-stick pans unsightly, they’re also unsafe to use.  Make sure your lids match the pots you’re keeping, and donate (or discard) the rest.  

Check for chips – are you holding on to cracked, crazed, or chipped dishes?  Did you know that crazed and cracked dishes can harbor bacteria?  Now is the perfect time to throw them away rather than recycle, especially chipped Pyrex or ovenproof glass.  (Don’t forget to check out larger thrift stores that often have whole serving sets in pristine condition – you may find you like these better than what you have!)  

Donate the duplicates:  every kitchen seems to gather multiples of serving utensils over time.  Pull all of the items out of your serving utensil drawer, and donate the extras. With luck, they will end up in the home of someone who will put them to good use.

Why so many wine glasses? – it’s reasonable to expect to keep different shapes of wine glasses for reds and whites, especially if you entertain a lot.  However, consider the number of people you entertain on a regular basis and the kinds of wine you drink, and cull accordingly.  

Dining areas

Evaluate your linens – pull out your holiday tablecloths and other linens, and check for stains and holes.  Donate dated pieces, and recycle or throw out the stained linens. Many crafters repurpose old linens, so if you know anyone who sews, they may be a good resource for donations as well.

Freshen up your seasonal arrangements – now is the time to go through your seasonal table decor, and decide what needs to go or what needs to stay this year.  Toss or donate old and tired dried arrangements and anything you haven’t used in several years.

Guest Bedroom 

Look at your Guest Room like a guest – don’t make your guests step around boxes and the old exercise equipment you’ve been storing in there.  Now is the best time to organize those items and decide what to keep and what to donate, so that your guests will feel at home.  Don’t forget to freshen the linens – now may be a good time for a new set.

If you need assistance with organizing your home for the holidays, reach out to us here.