I’m overwhelmed by the thought of moving. How do I get help?

At The Move Makers, our team understands how complicated, challenging, and exhausting preparing for a move can be. That’s why we specialize in taking the stress out of moving. The first step is to tell us about your project and request an estimate.

Can you help me decide what to keep? How long will that take?

We start the process by getting to know you to find out what is most important to you and how you want to live in your new (or existing) space. Once the big picture is clear, you’ll find that the decision-making process is much easier. We can provide hands-on support or simply a timeline and plan of action so that you and your family can stay on track. Either way, your Move Manager will work closely with you to make sure everything is accomplished according to your timeline.

What do I do with everything I’m not keeping?

Part of our planning process is to determine the best solutions for the items you are not taking with you. Once we know your priorities, we help arrange for the sale, consignment, donation, shipping or disposal through our network of trusted providers.

I want to save money and do part of the move myself. Will I still be charged for that?

You will never be charged for any work we don’t do, even if it’s included in the estimate.

Are you a mover?

We schedule and coordinate the moving company, but we are not movers. We work closely with several moving companies and will recommend the company (or companies) we think would be best suited for your move. We receive no compensation from any vendor we recommend. Our focus is to connect our clients with the best resources available for their project and budget.

Can’t the moving company manage my move? Why do I need you?

Movers are experts at what they do – the logistics of moving household goods from point A to point B and, in some cases, beyond.

We rely on their expertise to care for our clients’ possessions during the move and deliver them safely to their destination. Space planning will help you decide which possessions should be and should not be taken. We can oversee the entire move (if you would like) which reduces stress. We will coordinate and supervise other vendors also if the need arises.

Our movers often comment about how calm and organized our move days are. It’s no coincidence that we are considered the premiere move management company in the Portland area.

I love what you do. How can I join your team?

If you are a cheerful, hard-working, non-judgemental, dependable, scrupulously honest and fun-loving person who works well with a team and would like to make a difference, please contact us. We’d love to meet you.

What’s the Process?

If we’re a good fit for your project and you decide to hire us, we’ll ask you to sign a service agreement, collect a deposit from you and you’re on your way! Your Project Manager will begin working with you right away to plan the details of your move and schedule resources.

How long does it take to get ready for a move? When should I start?

If you are downsizing and moving within the next year or so, the time to start is now! We help our clients with planning, so they work in small chunks of time and still get everything accomplished, without feeling overwhelmed. 

How much do your services cost?

Each project is different and the cost depends on what services you choose. We suggest getting started by giving us a call and telling us about your project. Let’s get acquainted!

I’m moving to the Portland area. Can you help me unpack and get my new home set up quickly?

Our team members enjoy unpacking and helping our clients get settled into their new homes quickly.

I’m moving out of state. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We will help you engage a qualified Move Management company in your destination state and work with them to make your relocation seamless.

How can hiring a Move Manager save me money?

At The Move Makers, we understand how complicated, challenging and exhausting preparing for a move can be. We specialize in taking the stress out of moving. Hiring a professional helps you avoid making costly (and stress-producing) mistakes, such as bringing too much furniture or hiring the wrong type of movers. If you are looking to sell your home, it’s a proven fact that an organized and decluttered house sells faster and for more money and besides, once your house sells, you’ll be ready to move.

I’ve heard you say that moving is an opportunity. Please explain!

We believe that moving is an opportunity to re-evaluate what is most important to you and make choices about what will best serve you in your new space. We support our clients through this process and we provide resources for the donation, sale, shipping, or disposal of items no longer wanted or needed.

How do I get started?

The first step is to connect. Give us a call at 503.744.0826 or fill out our online contact form.