Adult Living Communities

As a senior move management company, The Move Makers is uniquely positioned to plan and execute smooth transitions for your clients’ move from home to retirement community.  

With hundreds of move management projects completed, we understand that making the transition into a retirement community can be very stressful for many people, and our highly trained team members understand the often sensitive worries and needs of those moving into their next, and often, smaller home.

Our services include floor planning, dispersal services, move management, packing, unpacking and new home setup.  We do the work to take care of the details of clearing out the old home and settle our clients into the next exciting phase of their lives.

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Beginning several months in advance or just a few weeks, we can help our clients decide on what will work in their next location, and help them prepare their old home for sale.

We follow every communities’ safety protocols as well as our own, to protect our clients, their neighbors, and our team members.

If you are a move-in coordinator for a residential community, contact The Move Makers to talk about how we can assist your future residents.

A Customer’s Perspective

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“Perhaps the wisest thing I did to facilitate our move to Mary’s Woods was to contract for the entire package with the Move Makers. I called to schedule an interview, and at the end of our meeting, I said yes and signed on the dotted line. From that point on, they immediately helped us decide what furniture and wall hangings we could take, and using a floor plan, exactly where they would be placed in our new apartment. Move Makers staff completely unpacked everything, picked up, and took away what was needed.”

– Rick Gates