Kitchen Chi – Feng Shui tips for Your Home’s Heart

Feng Shui, the ancient system of laws that practitioners follow to direct energy into a home, is often applied to areas like the living room and bedroom. While you can’t really move around the counters and appliances in your kitchen like you can a couch or chair, there are still several ways to bring in the peace and energy flow to your kitchen space.

In our blog “Energizing Your Home with Feng Shui”, we discussed the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  It’s easy to add these elements to the fixed nature of your kitchen through decor like lighting, paint, and decor. “The fire element (the stove), should be balanced with the water element,” said Paivi Panttila Vargas, a certified Feng Shui practitioner, and a project manager with The Move Makers. She also suggests placing a mirror behind the stove if you face a wall while working there, to balance the energy and to see behind you.

Incorporate the element of metal with light fixtures, cabinet knobs, chair legs, and items like metal racks and bowls for productivity, simplicity, and clarity. While the color associated with metal is often white, natural metal is a desirable element of Feng Shui in the kitchen. Place wood utensils in a stylish container on the counter to attract family prosperity.  

In Feng Shui, color can be very important in the kitchen. The color white is a sign of purity, which can bring a sense of cleanliness to the space, and provide a backdrop for other colors. Yellow is a popular kitchen color and for good reason – it promotes socialization and cheerfulness. Steer clear of super bright yellow, as it can turn the room rather dark in some light, making it feel less than a happy place. Blue can promote calmness, but use it sparingly. Green actually promotes digestion! And, since green is an earthy color, green can bring relaxation into the space. Green houseplants can further this effect.  Use red sparingly, as too much of it can cause an imbalance of energy in the kitchen.

Look upward to see if you’re currently impeding energy flow. Avoid heavy items hung above your head (think pot racks or highly placed decorative items) as they can promote anxiety. Hide trash cans out of sight, as trash can denote clutter, so if you can, keep your trash bins in a slide-out drawer or under a cabinet. Keep sharp knives in drawers, to avoid their sharp energy.

As with any room where you’d like to incorporate Feng Shui, lighting is important. Because of its harsh nature, avoid fluorescent lighting in your kitchen if possible, and opt for softer lighting like a well-placed counter lamp, and open up shades or curtains for natural light.  

Check our future blog posts for more tips in other rooms of your home. Meanwhile, let us know if we can help you bring more energy into your home spaces, or tell us if you’ve incorporated any of these into your own space, by contacting us here.