Energize Your Home With Feng Shui

Employing the ancient practice of Feng Shui (“fung shway”)  is a perfect way to establish a fresh, vibrant energy in your new home or reset the energy in your current home.

The Move Makers Project Manager Paivi Panttila Vargas is a certified Feng Shui practitioner, and advises on the positive elements of the practice for those who have been in their home for some time, or wish to incorporate it into a new space..

“Creating a good energy for a new home makes it possible to get settled faster and unlock new opportunities for the new life phase,” said Paivi.  “Feng Shui and other methods like Vastu and Wabi Sabi are there to give you inspiration and guidance on how to look at your home in a new, deeper way. The teachings can be used to correct or change some placements or colors/materials to create an immediately pleasant, inviting and soothing environment.”

By putting some extra thought into your surroundings and adjusting certain elements you can promote a positive energy flow, or “qi” to a room.  

The five elements of Feng Shui have associated colors with them.  Consider these elements and their colors if you wish to put some of these into practice in your space.

Wood (green) promotes growth and vitality.  Fire (red) represents passion and energy, Earth denotes stability and balance(brown), Metal (white) promotes logic and intelligence and Water represents wisdom and serenity (blue).

This month, we look at how Feng Shui can be employed immediately upon entering your home – in the foyer/front door area.  The foyer is considered the place where “qi”, or life force energy enters and exits the home, and is thus a place of importance for good energy flow.  A few tips for this area:

  1.  Keep the front door clean, and free of paint peels, chips, or scratches.
  2.  The foyer should be free from clutter.  If this is where you casually toss your shoes or coats, consider placing them in a closet or other area in the home.
  3. A mirror is encouraged to help direct energy into the home, but be careful of its placement – don’t place it facing the door, as that can reflect the entering energy from outside right back out again.
  4. If your front door has a direct path or view of the back exit (like a center hallway house), slow down the energy flow with a patterned rug, or some well-placed tables or chairs.
  5. Consider a crystal light fixture for the entryway – as the energy comes in, the crystals can spread it further out.

Look for our next installment of how Feng Shui can energize other areas of your home!