5 Helpful Tips for Getting Settled into a New Home

First things First

When we help our clients with settling in, we focus first on comfort and safety. To us, this means beds made, first day toiletries and medications unpacked, necessary lamps and clocks set up, pathways cleared and the coffee pot plugged in. Moving is exhausting work and it is important to be ready for that first night in your new home.

Get Connected

If you are unpacking yourselves, we recommend getting technology, entertainment and communication systems functioning next. Listening to music, watching a show, and having access to a connected computer and printer all reduce stress and make the rest of the unpacking process more enjoyable.

The Heart of the Home

On top of our list of rooms to unpack first, and the one room that almost every client enlists our help with, is the kitchen. Depending on the size and content, kitchens can take 10-16 hours or more to properly unpack and organize. This big time commitment pays big dividends by giving your family a familiar place to gather, eat and relax right away.

Managing the Rest

The good news is that, compared with the kitchen, other rooms are easy and normally take much less time to unpack. We suggest getting bathrooms and clothing unpacked next, as well as the laundry room. Decor is the final touch, and can wait until you’ve settled on the placement of furniture and shelving.  

Get Help if you Need it

We all know that moving is stressful and exhausting, so we recommend lining up help from family, friends or professionals early in the process. Move Management companies, like The Move Makers, can assist with planning the entire move, or assisting with just one or two services.

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