Pack The Right Way For A Move

When it comes to moving, packing is the task that many people dislike the most.  If all decisions have been made and you have gathered the proper packing materials, the task is much easier. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your beloved items are not only efficiently packed, but safely, too.

Not all boxes are created equal – This may seem obvious, but some items can be damaged if transported in the wrong box. While liquor store boxes with their compartments may seem handy for your stemware, they are often not strong enough to sustain the normal jostling on a moving truck, and their thin sides can buckle easily if something is placed on top or shoved next to them.   Your breakables should be packed in a double-walled box made especially for breakables..  These boxes have a higher crush factor rate, and are perfect for fragile items.

The right packing materials make all the difference – Bubble wrap may seem perfect for your breakables, but it has the downside of being very bulky, expensive and difficult to recycle.  Your breakable dishes and glassware should be sufficiently safe if you wrap each piece in two pieces of packing paper or newspaper.   Crumple tissue paper to protect delicate areas of decorative items and also inside extra-fragile stemware. 

Seal your boxes correctly – Make sure you use strong packing tape intended for moving boxes, rather than masking or duct tape.  Duct tape, while strong, can stretch out, while industrial packing tape (easily purchased from a hardware store or self-storage facility) stays in place and is more rigid.  

Pad  the bottom of the box – Packing correctly and safely is a little bit like a Tetris game – you want things to fit snugly but not too tightly, and there should be no room for items to rattle around. Add padding to the bottom of the box, then fill in the gaps with paper, or use your dish towels and small hand towels between items.

Create Layers inside your boxes – place heavier objects at the bottom.  Top each layer with cardboard, paper or a folded towel.  Each layer should be as flat as possible before placing more items on top.  This way, items won’t have a chance to shift and weight is lower in the box, lessening its chance of tilting over in a moving truck or crushing items at the bottom.

Choose the right size for the right Items – so you have a load of books, and you figure packing them into an empty chest is one way to save on boxes?  Think again; books and paper can collectively be some of the heaviest items in a move, so think small when it comes to packing them up.  1.5 cubic foot boxes, are the most common boxes used in a move, and are perfect for your books and your smaller household goods.  They’re much easier to transport and stack well in a truck.  

Does the thought of packing for your move stress you out?  The trained professional team of packers from The Move Makers can help.