Preparing For Your Move – How to Save Time, Money and Avoid Stress

If you are moving this summer, now is the time to do a reality check. Are you finished sorting? Have you booked a mover? Are you being realistic about the time it will take you to do all of the move-related tasks on your list?

Here are 3 tips for saving time, money and avoiding stress:

  1. Book the mover early
    • If you’re moving out of state, your move will be estimated by the weight of everything you are taking. Complete sorting before you get an estimate if at all possible.
    • If you’re moving locally, you will be charged by the hour, so the more you donate, sell or discard, the more you will save.
  2. Sort everything before packing – this is the best way to save money on your move
    • Be realistic about how much time it will take to make decisions about what to take with you and what to donate, recycle, sell, or discard.
    • For most of us, sorting can be emotional and can’t be done in one sitting. Plan for multiple sessions and schedule help when possible.
    • Finding places to sell and donate your unwanted items takes time. The sooner you start, the better. Remember that you may not be able to find the perfect solution for everything you are not taking. Do the best you can and move on.
  3. Get help if you need it
    • Schedule help now, either family, friends, or a professional move management company, like The Move Makers to help ease your load and help you stay on track.