Prepare to Pack – 10 Packing Tips from the Pros

During the months/weeks/days before your move, remember to stop buying food and supplies. Eat the food in your freezer and pantry, and wait to replace tools and small appliances until you arrive at your new home. For more tips, download our Move Checklist

Do not underestimate the time it takes to pack. If you have ALL of the materials you need and have made ALL of the decisions about what to keep, it may still take 20-40 hours (or more) to pack up your home.

10 Packing Tips from the Pros

  1. Set up an area in each room to place items you will need before, or immediately after your move (medications, computer and phone chargers, vitamins, toiletries, clothing, etc.). Pack these in a suitcase at the last minute to carry with you.
  2. Set up a work area and gather materials for packing. A folding table, set on bed risers, works well and will be easier on your back
  3. Avoid bubble wrap if possible. It is expensive, takes up a lot of space, and is difficult to responsibly recycle. Instead, use newsprint (or even your clothing or towels)
  4. Pack heavy items in smaller boxes
  5. Pack fragile items in double-walled boxes
  6. If you are moving yourself, do not pack boxes heavier than you can safely carry
  7. Use packing material to overfill boxes so they can’t be crushed when stacked
  8. Label all boxes with the contents, and the name of the room where the box is going 
  9. Consider numbering boxes and keeping a master list of the items in each box 
  10. Pack an “Open First” box with remotes and other items you will need right away

Do not hesitate to get help with packing, especially if you have limited time. Remember that sorting is the most important thing YOU can do!