Navigating the Complexities: Business Moves vs. Residential Moves

At The Move Makers, we don’t only manage senior moves. We help young families relocate to or from other cities, busy professionals get settled and back to work quickly after a move, as well as business clients relocating offices. But moving a business has complexities of its own. Let’s share a case study.

Picture this: you’re the owner of a bustling chiropractic and acupuncture clinic. In fact, you’re so successful that you’ve outgrown your current space and need to relocate to larger premises. Fortunately, the new clinic isn’t too far away, but you still need to work fast to ensure continuity of service for your clients.

Enter The Move Makers. Heidi M., one of our project managers, narrates the process:

“When we moved the chiropractic/acupuncture clinic last summer, the office remained open through Friday at the original location and reopened Monday morning at the new location. Packing had to take place in the late afternoon and into the evening hours to avoid disrupting client appointments. The physical move was done on a Saturday and the unpack continued on Sunday in order for the clinic to reopen and seamlessly accommodate clients Monday morning.  Having a flexible staff was crucial when needing to schedule both off hours and weekend hours.”  

As Heidi relates it, flexibility was key. Coordinating off-hours and weekend shifts required a team willing to adapt to the demands of the move. Yet, even with a flexible staff, precise planning remained paramount. Unexpected obstacles could easily derail the carefully laid-out timeline, potentially delaying the clinic’s reopening.

In the intricate dance of a business move, everyone involved—from the contractors to project manager to moving company to the client—must be in sync. Here are some of the necessary ingredients:

·         A detailed floor plan, guiding each step of the relocation process

·         Coordination with contractors and vendors to align schedules and timelines to minimize disruption

·         A dedicated crew willing to work outside of regular hours

So, the next time you find yourself facing the prospect of a business move, remember: it’s not just about boxes and furniture. It’s about ensuring a smooth transition for both your business and your clients. And with the right strategy in place, you can turn the challenge of relocation into an opportunity for growth.

Michael Portrait

Michael Gettel-Gilmartin is an organizer for The Move Makers and a writer and blogger. He was educated in an English boarding school (no, not Hogwarts!) and has lived in eight countries. He’s been paid money for the following: teaching ESL, carrying suitcases as a hotel porter, cleaning carpets, being the refined English telephone voice behind a friend’s attempt to be a literary agent, editing a Japanese dictionary, being an in-home caregiver, and singing at weddings.