What’s Your Clutter Hotspot Habit?

As we leave the warmth of summer for the cooler months, now is a good time to examine the hotspots of clutter in your home. This month we look at the motivations for why things collect where they do.  Maybe you’ll recognize yourself!  

Out of sight, out of mind:   this is where we squirrel away things that we don’t want to deal with, and since we don’t actually see them on a regular basis, we think the problem is solved.  However, we often take away the function of that place which was intended for another purpose.  If you have a guest bedroom filled with items that you don’t want to deal with, chances are you’re less likely to invite people over to stay.  Is an out of the way dining room a place for your personal papers? Suddenly, hosting Thanksgiving seems even more difficult if it means organizing.

On the other hand, leaving things where we can easily get to them can create another hotspot for clutter.  That basket of mail in an entry hall is a reminder to pay the bills.  The books stacked on your nightstand are a reminder that you want to eventually read them, because you may forget them if they’re in the bookcase.  Culling the excess for the more immediate can make a big impact on a small space.

Is your pantry closet a mess?  Often we tend to buy things on sale because we think we’re saving money. After all, who doesn’t love a good bargain?  But it’s a good idea to shop with a list, or to ask yourself twice if you will use it in a timely manner.  Sometimes we buy so much that we forget what we have, and buy more. Certain items can expire, rendering them useless anyway so we end up wasting money.

A cute magnet picked up on a trip.  A special greeting card. Random family photos..  Often the refrigerator is a place we commemorate our happy times.  Unless we take one down before putting up another, we don’t really notice any of it over time.  A few specially placed pictures or magnets will be more meaningful, and excess photos can always be placed in an album to to view another time.

The garage is likely the number one clutter hotspot for many families.  It’s a place to store surplus grocery purchases, Christmas decorations, extra appliances, and household tools.  It’s also a place for ambitious, unfinished projects.   We take up a new hobby or a project that we’re excited about, only to falter in our efforts after a few weeks.  We say we’ll get to it later, but life gets in the way and we add to the mess slowly over time. 

Where are your clutter hotspots?  If you don’t want to tackle them alone, The Move Makers can step in and help you map out a plan to deal with those pesky areas, and cool down the hotspots in your home.  Let us know how we can help.