The Hidden Cost of Moving – Part 2

This is part 2 of our article about the hidden cost of moving.  This month, we discuss costs that may creep up in the latter part of your move. Check out last month’s post for more information on moving costs you may not have considered here (link to Part 1).

  1. Too much weight on long distance moves – according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the cost of long-distance and intrastate (over 50 miles) moves are calculated based on weight and distance.  Boxes of books are some of the heaviest non-furniture items that are moved from a house. Consider paring down your collection and other heavy items if you want to save money on your long distance move.
  2. Disposal fees – if you have an old couch of wonky dresser that is no longer desirable even for  donation, you will need to find a way to clear it out of your house. If you need to go to the landfill, fees here can range from $28/truckload to much higher, depending on weight.  And that is if you take it yourself. Junk haulers can charge $100 to over $500 to haul away your unwanted items. Some movers also charge an environmental fee to dispose of recyclable moving waste, such as paper wrapping and boxes.
  3. Pet Care – so what to do with your precious poodle or cuddly kitten when you’re in the middle of the moving day?  Having a plan for their care is important, but can cost you. doggie day care or overnight boarding for a day or two is a good idea for the well-being of your pet, since not only are you about to change their environment in your new space, there will be lots of strangers in your home on move day.  For dog boarding expect to pay from $45 per night or more. 
  4. Cleaning – once your house is empty of your items, you’ll want to clear out the inevitable dust that was hidden under furniture and behind appliances.  Giving your house a thorough cleaning for the next tenant is not only a kind gesture, it could be part of your real estate transaction.  Because of time constraints after a house closing, many of us don’t have the time nor energy to do a thorough cleaning on our own, so there are many cleaning services that specialize in post-move clean out.  Depending on how large the home and how specific the service, expect to pay several hundred dollars for this service.
  5. Service deposits – to establish utility, cable and phone service, most companies will charge a deposit.  It is a good idea to check with your local utilities and service providers for a list of these fees well in advance of the move to eliminate surprises.
  6. Closing Date Issues – if there is a delay in closing on your new home, and your buyers are ready to move in to your house, you should have a contingency plan for hotel expenses, travel, or even renting back your old home until you can get into the new one.  It’s best to plan ahead for any bumps in the closing process.

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