Just How Long Do Your Pantry Staples Last?

Baking season is upon us, and if you haven’t baked any cookies since the last holiday season, chances are some of your baking supplies are ebbing on the edge of expiration.  Right now may be a good time to get out the step ladder and dig deep into your pantry to purge any old supplies from your shelves and purchase fresh ones. Your cookies may come out a little nicer, too!

According to HGTV, home to many televised and online cooking shows, here are a few general rules for common baking staples, and how long they last at their best performance:

Vanilla and other extracts – these last indefinitely as long as they are sealed well

Baking soda – as long as it is sealed, it lasts indefinitely

Baking powder – up to one year

Sugar – indefinitely if kept in an airtight container – sugar has the added benefit of not allowing bacteria to take hold

Salt – the same as sugar – never get it wet!

Flour – white flour lasts up to a year, whole wheat up to 3 months – best to keep in a freezer between use

Chocolate chips – up to two years if kept in an airtight container in the freezer

Vegetable and olive oils – up to two years

Coconut oil – up to three months

Spices and herbs – up to two years – discard if scent fades

Decorative Sugar balls and sprinkles – indefinitely

Nuts – up to six months

Vinegar – holds up indefinitely if tightly sealed

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