How do you want to live in your space?

If you’re thinking about moving this year, or considering a refresh of your current space, one of the first things to think about is: how do I want to live in this space?  We take for granted that at least some of our furniture will work in our new space, no matter where that may be.  But it might be a good idea to look around and really SEE your furniture, and whether it’s functioning well for you. Are you looking for less upkeep?  Is mobility a factor?  Scaling furniture to your room can take some practice and knowing what to keep and not keep depends on the life you want to lead in the space.

Here are a few tips to consider when deciding on whether to keep what you have, or change things up for your new space if you’re planning a move:

Living/Family Room:

Consider the space you currently have or will be moving into, and determine if your needs are still being met by the furniture you have.  Do you have a large sectional but you’re now an empty nester?  Do you have an entertainment center holding your flat screen TV and DVD’s (and VHS tapes)?  Today’s televisions are made for streaming videos, so you may want to consider donating your DVD, VHS and even CD equipment and media.  That behemoth entertainment center won’t be necessary anymore.  If it’s holding stereo equipment, consider a smaller cabinet, or switching to an online service with smaller bluetooth speakers.  Are you planning on entertaining more in your next home?  Consider a few single side chairs instead of a loveseat so they can be easily rearranged, if necessary.  If mobility is an issue, you will want to have more space, especially in pathways and around furniture.  Lightening your load of heavy, bulky furniture can go a long way for safety as well as refreshing your space.

Office Area:

If you have a large desk that currently holds all of your papers, sort through what you need to keep, shred the rest and see if a smaller scaled desk may work for you.  The spaces we occupy are like goldfish – we tend to grow into the spaces we have, filling things up because the space is there.  A smaller desk may force you to deal with papers immediately, keeping your work area more peaceful and clean.


The kitchen is rightly considered the heart of the home, but depending on where you are in life and where you’re living, you may not necessarily need as much space or kitchen items as in the past.  Many of The Move Makers clients move into retirement communities, where meals are often taken in the community dining room, and the unit kitchens are not utilized very often.  Now may be the time to pull out each drawer and pare down to the necessities, and consider donating what you don’t need.

Dining Rooms:

Formal dining rooms are definitely not as popular as they once were, and if you’re not using yours now or won’t have one in the future, now is the time to consider donating or selling dining room furniture.  Now is also a good time to decide on what to do with your accumulated china.

Taking the time to really consider how you want to live in your home, whether it is your current home or one you’ll be moving into, can lead to a space that you will enjoy for years.  If you need assistance with floor planning or downsizing in your current home,  consider seeking help from The Move Makers’ team of organizing specialists.