Gratitude In Trying Times- A Look Back at our Blessings

2020 will go down in the books as one of the more challenging, strange and seemingly endless years in recent history.  The stress of illness, politics, and economic downturn for many can make it difficult to reflect on what we are truly grateful for.  But self-reflection and gratitude can be a healthy way of dealing with the present and help keep a focus on the future, with the hope of good things to come.

Our Move Makers team kept busy through the pandemic, and for that, we are most grateful.  Adapting and working with our community partners and individual home owners has been challenging but we took it in stride and kept going.  Here are some other things that our team members are thankful for this year:

Carolyn Rowe, Founder, The Move Makers:  I am grateful for the steadfast support of family, friends, and the incredible team at The Move Makers during this challenging year. I am thankful to our clients, families and referral partners for the trust they have placed in us, and for giving us the opportunity to do the work we love.

Jennifer, Operations Manager:  I’m most thankful for good health, dear friends, and having a job at the Move Makers that I enjoy!

Lisa, Client Services and Marketing Manager:  I’m thankful for the love of my family and friends and the connections we maintain, though we are across the continent from one another!

Paivi, Move Manager:  Every morning and evening, even sometimes during the day, I connect to my spirit and the universe and acknowledge how grateful I am for what I have and for the experiences I have gone through. Since I’ve read the book “The Wind is My Mother” by the late Bear Heart I’ve made a habit of counting my morning and evening blessings, grateful for the challenges they teach me.

Sue, Office Manager:  I am thankful for a loving, supportive family during this challenging time.

Jill, Organizing Specialist:   I am so grateful that I was able to celebrate my father‘s 90th birthday in January at my parents’ home in upstate New York. All of my parents’ children and seven of their grandchildren gathered to honor my dad. 19 of us shared memories around a table and toasted to an amazing man. It was wonderful! 

Mira, Team Member:  I am grateful for the technology of today, like Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. When living so far away from one’s dearest it helps a little bit that it is very easy to connect and keep in touch and somehow feel that one is part of the everyday life of family and friends despite the time difference and distance – and on top of that it’s free!

Nancy, Team Member:  A few weeks ago I lost a dear companion, my dog Porter. I am so grateful that he was in my life for 6 years. He brought me so much joy. During the stay at home pandemic, I have been grateful that my home has been a floating house, overlooking the Multnomah Channel. It has been a calming, stress-free atmosphere during this period.

Gabi, Organizing Specialist:  I’m very grateful for my new home and all that goes with it, including the cats Sadie, Hazel and Cordelia and for health, happiness and for a couple of hiking buddies that I get out with most weekends.

Cathy, Organizing Specialist:  I’m grateful for my family, friends, Carolyn Rowe and our team, organizing jobs, clients, living in America, and that the elections are over!

Patrick, Materials Coordinator:  I’m thankful that no one I know has developed COVID-19, despite their compromised immune systems.

Spencer Scott, Willamette Express  Moving, a Move Makers partner:  Willamette Express first and foremost is extremely thankful to all of our employees who have tirelessly worked under not only less than ideal circumstances but do so in a way that projects a sense of normalcy to our clients. We are also very thankful to be able to employ so many new people, as their drive to work and overcome this adversity fosters an atmosphere we all stand to improve from.