What’s in Your Closet?

The Move Makers work with many reliable and professional partners, and this month we begin a regular feature highlighting these local businesses.

Do you find yourself reaching for the same two or three outfits that are your “safe” clothes – those you think look good on you, are comfortable and fit right – leaving behind a lot of other pieces purchased and worn only once or twice? What’s holding you back from digging deeper in your closet for the items you once liked enough to purchase?

Laura Ziegler of Embracing Our Age works with “women of a certain age” – those generally between 55 and 70 – to bring overlooked clothing to the forefront, helping them re-style their wardrobes with what they already have. Taking a unique approach inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, Laura helps her clients simplify and pare down their wardrobes (Wabi), while celebrating the transience of aging and the beauty of the aging process (Sabi).

We spoke with Laura recently about this concept and how she’s helping women bring out their natural beauty by looking at themselves and what they have with a new eye:

Q:  What brought you to a career in this field?
A:  After working as a stylist and helping women find their best looks, I discovered that many women were hanging on to clothes that no longer fit, were outdated, and not age appropriate. Many had no idea how to pare down their closets and combine great pieces that they already owned to create new looks.

Q:  The concept of Wabi Sabi is a unique one as it applies to a wardrobe. How did you come about using this concept?
A:  As a guide at the Portland Japanese Garden, I began to appreciate how the beauty of aging can be applied to many areas of our lives. In refreshing their closets, women can pair the old with the new and discover new looks that enhance their beauty at any age of shape.

Q:  What is the main thing that holds someone back from taking a look at what they have to improve their wardrobes?
A:  Many women have set beliefs, such as “I only wear black”, “I can’t wear skirts”, I am too heavy to wear…”.  They are also afraid to have someone look inside their closet or feel they might have to change too much in their looks. I use humor and empathy to make clients feel relaxed and confident they can change.

Q:  Do you have an example of how your assistance helped someone enhance their work or life?
A:  I worked with a newly retired teacher, and she was still wearing vests and jumpers that were popular years ago. Together, we kept some flattering pieces, cleared away clothes that were too small and outdated, and created a closet that reflected her new lifestyle. By putting together simple outfits and adding color consulting, she could make better buying choices, saving time and money.

Embracing Our Age provides closet refreshers and color consulting services, as well as personal shopping services. We hope Laura will join us at one of our monthly workshops in the near future. Watch our events page for updates.

Contact Laura Ziegler at laura@embracingourage.com, 650-759-6677, or visit her website at www.embracingourage.com.