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Donating During the Quarantine – Here’s What You Can Do

Spring cleaning has taken on a further meaning this year since most of us around the country are under stay at home orders.  One positive aspect created from this order is the ample opportunity of time for sorting, cleaning, throwing out and creating piles for donation. Unfortunately, that pile may be hanging around for a while longer than usual, as donation options remain limited.

There are some alternatives now, and some tried and true locations that will gladly accept your donations once the restrictions have been lifted.  Here are a few fresh ideas for donating certain items around your house. You can find links to their sites on our Resources Page... Read the rest

Giving New Life to Old Electronics

This month we feature another Move Maker Resource Partner – EcoBinary

Chances are if your old computer monitor is beige in color and the screen is green, you probably aren’t using it anymore.  Those multiple cords once used to hook up the VCR to the TV, their usefulness long past, leave us with a tangled mess of black wires.  Even a laptop bought five years ago sometimes seems obsolete by year two. What do you do with old electronics, especially when you’re downsizing your home or organizing your office and don’t have room to store them anymore?

Don’t just throw them in the trash bin. .. Read the rest