Nimble Move Team Saves the Day

Memorable Moves

A good Move Manager has to be able to adapt to challenging circumstances quickly. One recent move really put this to the test. The client was moving from a large house into an assisted living community. Six people were on the packing team. It was going to be a long, involved move. A family member was supposed to be helping, but he had opted out when he saw the complexity of the project. Unfortunately, the client had a mild heart attack the day before the move. He was going to be the point person to interface with the move team, but now he was in the hospital. The Move Manager sprang into action. The move had to go on despite the client being in a health crisis.

The move team persevered and got everything packed and moved to the client’s new home while he was recovering in the hospital. Ordinarily, when someone is moving, there is a “Go Bag” packed with essential items (medications, toiletries, a change of clothing, etc.). Because of the heart attack, there was no “Go Bag.” When the client was ready to be discharged, he needed some clothing, but everything was packed. The team went to work, trying to locate the items he requested. This was particularly difficult because the client was supposed to have helped sort everything prior to the move, but due to the circumstances that didn’t happen. Regardless, the move team persisted with the scavenger hunt and eventually found what he needed.

This move exemplified the Move Makers’ team spirit. Everyone pitched in to help the client in a very trying situation. During the course of the move, the team encountered collections of gambling items and souvenirs. This unusual move was not something either the client or the move team “gambled on,” but, in the end, he was very happy with the outcome. The Move Makers team is always ready to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes for a successful move.