2015-06-11 Color Key

Simplify your move with Color!

Color coding is one of our favorite strategies for simplifying moves. We love using color so much that we use this strategy on every move we organize (that’s a lot of stickies!). Let’s face it, moving everything you own is no small feat, especially if you are moving into a smaller space. Most often there are items that need to go to multiple destinations…

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3 Strategies That Will Reduce Your Stress As You Prepare To Move

  Spring Into An Organized Move! 3 Strategies That Will Reduce Your Stress As You Prepare To Move 1) Focus on the important stuff first.  Believe it or not, most people spend about 75% of their time and energy before a move sorting, moving and selling the items they don’t want, leaving the important items until last! We recommend beginning your…

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The Move Maker

Project Kathryn

DESCRIBE YOUR PROJECT: Downsize two storage units ( That I had for 15 years) to one and then help with a move when I lost motivation.. Are there any team members you would like to especially acknowledge? Carolyn, of course, is special, teaching you new skills and attitudes as things get organized. I expected to have help disposal and storage…

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