What We Do

Move Scheduling & Coordination

Our Move Coordinators will collaborate with you to schedule and coordinate every detail of your move. We will help you locate and hire the outside resources you will need, including a reputable moving company. While we build and schedule your team, every small detail is recorded in your move plan for your review.

Packing and Unpacking

We can professionally pack all of your belongings, using digital photos and careful labeling to re-create the look and feel of your current home. We unpack and re-settle you in your new home. When we are finished, your bed is made, your kitchen is set up, electronics are connected, and every carton and piece of packing paper is removed.

Move Consulting

Sometimes, all you need is a good plan and you are good to go. Our experienced Move Coordinators can either review your own plan and identify potential trouble spots, or develop a complete plan based on your unique set of goals and concerns. We can also assist you with resources from our company’s professional network. When you’re ready, trust Move Makers for your move consulting in Portland, Oregon. Consider Move Maker your premier professional moving team.

Move Day Supervision

When move day arrives, your Move Coordinator will be on site to be sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Organizing & Downsizing

In our experience, the most difficult part of moving is getting your things organized. First we will help you determine your goals for the next chapter of your life, then we offer hands-on help to determine which of your things will support you there.

Post-Move Chores

While you focus on the items you are taking to your new home, we will help arrange for dispersal of unneeded items. This can include arranging for items to be picked up and shipped to family members, moved into storage, donated, recycled, or sold through our professional network of antique dealers, consignment shops, estate liquidators and internet sales specialists. When everything of value is removed, we arrange for the disposal of remaining items, cleaning or other services to prepare the residence for sale or rent.

Space Planning

Not sure about what will fit into your new space? We have tools and resources to help! We will work with you to identify all of the things that you use and love and map out a place for everything in your new space, so there won’t be any surprises on moving day!

Other Projects

Do you have a project that’s been stuck on your to do list for too long (clean the garage, reorganize the home office, empty the store room, etc.)? What would it feel like to have it behind you? Chances are, we can help you power through your project so you can spend your time doing the things you love. Contact us today and get it movin’!

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