Multnomah County

File:Portland and Mt. Hood from Pittock Mansion.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Truflip99, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Multnomah County is home to Portland, the state’s largest city.  The word “Multnomah” is a Chinookan word meaning, “Lower River”, and  is likely named for the Willamette River tributary to the great Columbian River.  

Home to hundreds of restaurants and many quaint and unique neighborhoods, Multnomah County has been a destination for many years for people from around the country who want to move here to experience the “Keep Portland Weird” lifestyle and the spirited individuality of many of its residents. The county’s proximity to both Mt. Hood and the coastal areas make it perfect for sportsmen and adventure seekers, too.

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